Mission Statement


The mission of this Federal Public Defender’s Office is to provide effective representation as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, to ensure the right to counsel for individuals regardless of the ability to retain counsel, and to assist others in this mission.

In order to accomplish this mission

  1. We will provide our clients with legal services of the highest quality.
  2. We will zealously represent our clients’ interests with courage; devotion to duty; and uncompromised advocacy, limited only by the facts as developed; the law as it stands; and applicable and ethical obligations imposed by the West Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct.
  3. We will respect and represent the human worth and dignity of our clients.
  4. We will deal ethically with our clients, the courts, and all other representatives of the criminal justice system.
  5. This office will provide an environment that motivates and enables its employees to provide excellent legal services and work well together as a unit.
  6. This office will provide equal opportunity to all employees and potential employees as required by federal and state laws.
  7. This office will provide training opportunities to its employees so that they can expand upon, maximize, and efficiently use their skills.
  8. This office’s management will be stable, progressive, responsive, effective and fiscally responsible.
  9. Employees of this office will maintain courteous, respectful, and professional communications and relationships with all members of the courthouse community, opposing counsel, the public, and with each other.
  10. The organization will provide continuing legal education and general support to the Criminal Justice Act panel members.